Transient Student: Postpone Fee Due Date Request

If Santa Fe College is your host school the tuition/fees owed to the college must be paid by the published fees due date each term or your classes may be dropped for non-payment. Your home school is responsible for processing your financial aid. 

How do I cover my tuition/fees from Santa Fe College? 
You have three options to cover your tuition/fees and ensure your classes are held:
  1. Pay out-of-pocket for your classes by the fees due date.
  2. Use SF's Tuition Payment Plan.
  3. Complete this form and upload proof of your financial aid/scholarship offer from your home institution to allow the college to extend your fees due date.

What Is a Transient Student?
A transient student is enrolled primarily at one school (home institution) and has decided to take certain classes at another school (host institution).

Financial Aid for Transient Students: You cannot receive financial aid from both institutions. Your home school is responsible for processing your financial aid.  Students attending a Florida Public University or State College as their home school must complete a transient application through Florida Shines to ensure proper processing of their course credit, grades, and financial aid. The Santa Fe College Office of Financial Aid does not participate in transient agreements (consortium agreements) with out-of-state or private institutions.
Student Information

Home Institution
Select your home institution below. If your home institution is not listed, you are not eligible for a extension of your fees due date for transient courses at Santa Fe College. 
Financial Aid Offer

Florida Shines
You will not be eligible for a extension of your fees due date until you have an approved Florida Shines Transient Application